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Comfort Your Child & Benefit Real Animals with

Cast Critters!

Cast Critters & Arm Cast Protectors to Defend Against Light Spills, Dirt, & Pollen

When a child takes a tumble and has to wear a cast, help them feel unstoppable again with a cast cover and a Cast Critter that doubles as a new supportive friend. Getting hurt can be a traumatic experience, especially for a child, so it’s important to remind them of joy instead of their injury. Luckily, Cast Critters and the cast covers that come with them are designed to be a friend and an arm cast protector against light spills, dust, dirt, and pollen.

Designed to be a Friend and Comfort

Each Critter and cast cover is soft to comfort little ones while they heal, giving them a new animal friend to keep them company

Tested for Safety

Cast Critters are free from potentially harmful materials and are approved for children ages 3+

Critters for A Cause

10% of the proceeds from every Cast Critter sold goes to Canine Assistants

Perfect Companions for Infusion Therapy

Whether your little one needs PICC lines, IVs, or infusion therapy, Cast Critters are the perfect companion to offer a comforting distraction from medical equipment that can be scary. Our Critters are machine washable and will help cover up IV lines, keeping the area clean and out of sight, so your little one can feel safe and secure.

The best part about Cast Critters is that when your child no longer needs IV medical treatment, they can keep their companion as a puppet for years to come!

Meet the Cast Critters That Double as Cast Protectors Against Light Spills, Dirt, & Pollen

1-01_cool-casts_animal_faces_bailey Bailey the Bear
Bailey the Bear
Bailey used to spend all summer hunting salmon and all winter sleeping in his den in Alaska. Now, he wants to play all year round and get big bear hugs from his new best friend!
1-01_cool-casts_animal_faces_leo Leo the Lion
Leo the Lion
After growing up on the hot and rainy safari, Leo is ready to play all day and cuddle in a soft bed at night with his new pal.
1-01_cool-casts_animal_faces_duke Duke the Dog
Duke the Dog
Duke won lots of awards being a show dog, but now that he’s retired, he’s ready to relax and get belly rubs from his new buddy!
1-01_cool-casts_animal_faces_bella Bella the Bunny
Bella the Bunny
Bella liked to hop into town to play in neighborhood gardens. Now, she’s ready to eat fresh carrots and play in the backyard with her forever friend.

Arm Cast Protectors for Light Spills, Dirt, Pollen, & Dust

Made with Safety, Quality, & Durability in Mind

Fun For Kids

Durable for Parents

How the Cast Critters Came to Be

A broken arm is no fun, and a cast becomes a bulky reminder of your child’s injury. At The Cool Cast Co., we want to help children cope with the psychological effects of breaking an arm. That’s why we’re dedicated to giving them a Cast Critter that looks more like a friend and less like a scary piece of medical equipment and a cast protector for their arm that protects against dirt, pollen, and light spills.

Cast Critters and the complimentary cast covers that fit over your child’s arm cast are designed to be separate pieces for your convenience. We know our Critters are in for some adventures with your little one, so they’re durable and machine washable. These Critters and cast protectors for your child’s arm comfort them while they heal and keep small spills, dirt, and dust away. Plus, once your little one is all healed up and ready to explore the wild again, your Cast Critter transforms into a puppet to offer continued comfort and friendship.

Turn “What happened?” into

“What a cool cast!” 

with Cast Critters!

About Us

cool cast co logo in color

At Cool Cast Co., we help turn hurt into healing in a few ways. First, our Cast Critters offer comfort and friendship to ease your child through a traumatic experience. Then, a portion of our proceeds is donated to an organization that teaches and places service dogs to assist people with special needs. Our crew’s dual passion for supportive care and supporting animals comes together in every Cast Critter. 

Did a Cast Critter make your little one feel super again? Let us know by telling us your experience!

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