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Arm cast covers and Cast Critters for your kids that act as a friend!

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Why Kids & Parents Love Cast Critters & Arm Cast Covers by The Cool Cast Company

  • Dependable Friend that Goes with Them Everywhere
  • Always Ready to Provide Heartwarming Smiles & Reduce Anxiety
  • Transforms into a Puppet After Healing for Continued Fun
  • Machine Washable for Easy Cleanup
  • 2 Layers to Protect Cast from Dirt, Pollen, & Light Spills
  • Soft but Strong Polyester Outer Layer for Comfort


The Cool Cast Co. team knows a broken arm isn’t fun for anyone. When you have to wear a cast, it often becomes a reminder of the incident and the pain it caused. It can also be frustrating and irritating to wear for a long time, especially for a child. That’s where Cast Critters step in and help children overcome the challenges they face while wearing a cast!

Cast Critters are furry friends for children ages 3 & up that come with a free cast sleeve cover. They are designed to be durable and comforting, so kids have a friend with them at all times while they heal. Choose a plush Cast Critter, which comes with an arm cast cover, and let your new Cast Critter support your little one and provide comfort as they get back to their daring explorations in style.

The one-size-fits-all Cast Critters and cast sleeve covers come with a brochure to tell you all about your Cast Critter. Both the Cast Critters and arm cast covers are machine washable and the Critter converts to a hand-puppet after your child is all healed for continued fun.

With the Purchase of a Cast Critter, You Get:

Information About Our Cast Sleeve Covers


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Give Back
To give back to the animals that give so much, The Cool Cast Co. partners with Canine Assistants and donates 10% of our proceeds from each purchase to them. We hope our appreciation for animals and our concern for children going through a tough time shines through in every animal friend delivered. We know you’ll love them as much as we do as they help your child heal.

About The Cool Cast Company

The founder of The Cool Cast Company, Maureen Jurgelas, believes in helping children and supporting animals. She also believes that animals change lives with unmatched love, support, and loyalty. That’s why she created arm cast covers and Cast Critters shaped like a variety of animal friends to help children cope with healing from a broken arm.

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