Make Life with a Broken Arm Easier for You & Your Child with

Cast Critters!

Reusable Cast Protectors & Cast Critters

Children are notoriously adventurous, and when one of those adventures results in a broken arm, their cast serves as a constant reminder of their injury. Help your child get back in touch with their wild side with Cast Critters that double as animal puppets and our reusable cast protectors that keep dirt, pollen and dust away. Our Critters do more than protect casts! They also serve as comfort for children who need IVs or infusion therapy by hiding the scary medical equipment.

Cast Critters are machine-washable and designed to remind your child of their joy, not their injury.

Reusable Cast Protectors & Cast Critters that are Made for Play

Why do parents and children love Cast Critters and reusable cast protectors? Because they’re machine-washable cast covers designed to benefit not only the children who wear them but also the grown-ups who bought them.

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Our reusable cast protectors are simple to put on – just stretch the cover over your child’s cast or brace, then slide the Critter over the machine-washable cast cover. Your reusable cast protector will protect the cast against light spills, dirt, pollen, and dust. When you’re ready to wash it, take off the Critter, then the reusable cast cover, and pop both into the washing machine on the delicate cycle. Don’t worry about your machine-washable cast cover or Cast Critter shrinking in the dryer – their polyester material prevents shrinking! Dry your new reusable cast cover and Cast Critter on the lowest setting, so it lasts a lifetime.

Adopt a Cast Critter & Machine-Washable Cast Cover from The Cool Cast Co. Today

The Cool Cast Co. offers different Cast Critters to nurture a child through friendship and play after an injury. Our reusable cast protectors and Cast Critters combine practicality with childhood joy, so adults and kids alike can enjoy our Critters. Read their stories to decide which Critter is right for you!

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About Cool Cast Co.

Cast Critters and the reusable cast protectors are machine-washable cast covers that don’t just help children through traumatic experiences – they benefit real animals! Ten percent of the proceeds from our reusable cast protectors and Cast Critters are donated to Canine Assistants, an organization that teaches and places service dogs that assist people with special needs. Our crew is passionate about supporting children and animals, and the two come together when you adopt a Cast Critter. Order a Cast Critter and machine-washable cast cover today!

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